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Exodus Road gave bloggers five ideas for ways to fight slavery. Buying fair trade is not something I’m super savvy about, so I wanted to gather resources and share them with you.


Buying fair trade items: protects the environment, builds business, empowers woman, supports education, fights poverty, stops child labor and slavery and supports health care. Those are some pretty solid reasons.

Buying fair trade is also being intentional and thoughtful about what we consume and it’s impact on our global brothers and sisters.

Two items first-world people use at astounding rates are coffee and chocolate. Start small and make sure you are using fair trade in those two areas and then broaden what you buy to more fair trade goods.



Buy things that give back when possible!

About Proximity’s Gifts that Give Back Pinterest Board.

Amy Sullivan’s Shop with a Purpose Pinterest Board.


Equal Exchange Fairly Traded: They can help your church congregation use fair trade coffee.

Fair Trade USA: Where every purchase matters is a great website to get started.

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A Kids Resource:

The book Think Fair Trade First by: Ingrid Hess

Aunt Mabel helps Stella and Henry find the perfect birthday gift for their Mom, along the way they learn that the way they shop can help people around the world.

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The Fair Trade: What’s Your Life Worth?  [A Burning Heart Production] (2008)

Tamara Johnston plays herself, a woman facing the loss of her fiance’. She quits her dream job and begins a fair trade business. The benefits of fair trade are highlighted in her touching work.

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Black Gold by Nick and Marc Francis

Takes place in Ethiopia where Tadesse Meskela seeks to help 74,000 struggling coffee farmers to receive a fair price for their coffee.

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The Justice Seekers Fair Trade Edition booklet


Watch the Video Commercial:

I’m with Lincoln. (This commercial is a dramatic portrayal of modern-slavery PG-13). After the short video you can sign a letter to your congressional representatives that ending slavery is important to you.

Lincoln moved Congress to act on slavery. Modern-day slavery is on the rise. We need to take up the cause and speak up.


Teaching Resources:

This website has great printable teaching resources about Fairtrade for Schools.

5 thoughts on “Buying Fair Trade

  1. Hi Lisa, Welcome back! Totally missed the blog yesterday but understand why you’re doing 3xdays/week. And this post was worth the wait!

    I’ve made the move to fair trade coffee and trying to consistently buy fair trade choc. (which is tricky because I can get plain choc easily, but things like cocoa etc are a bit more difficult).

    Another thing your readers can do is fill in a customer request form at their grocery store requesting fair trade stuff, then the store owners think, “Oh. This is important to our customers, and they get it in.” Well it worked for me! 🙂

    • You are doing great Diane! This is something I’m not the best at thinking about. That’s a great idea to request fair trade at your grocery store. I think more and more places are realizing the importance and wanting to fill that need. We have a few coffee shops here that do all fair trade coffee.

  2. I haven’t been good about buying fair trade lately. For awhile, I was very conscious of what I was buying…but it’s easy to let the price tag determine my choices rather than, well, ethics…if that’s the right word. But it’s so true–modern-day slavery is a real thing. It’s easy to close my eyes to it, but that doesn’t make it go away. Making good choices, though, does help. I appreciated the challenge today!

    • That’s a really good point. The price tag is sometimes higher for fair trade goods. It’s hard to balance that all the time. Healthier food is more expensive sometimes too and I find myself defaulting to the less healthy to save money. I really like chocolate, I think I’m going to work on that one first 🙂

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