Far More Interesting Things


Sometimes I go through moments of serious doubt about myself. Confidence is not something I’m able to gather and hold onto for any extended period of time. Many times that occurs on the heels of comparing myself to someone else. This is not honoring the person God made us uniquely to be.

I also love the way The Message puts this, we have far more interesting things to do with our lives.


Want something interesting with your life today?

Join the End7 campaign.

End 7 diseases by 2020. 7 neglected tropical diseases that affect a half a billion children.



7 thoughts on “Far More Interesting Things

  1. I struggle constantly with feelings of inferiority. The Message stated it very poignantly! I hope one day to conquer my insecurities and truly believe God loves me the way I am!

    • I really loved that verse in the Message version. I think so many of us struggle with feeling inferior. It’s funny that God crafted each one of us to be these unique, extraordinary beings that reflect him in a way no one else can and yet we can’t seem to accept that. It’s so hard. We can help each other 🙂

  2. Ack! This is something I totally struggle with too. But how do you not compare yourself to others? It’s so tough! And now that I’m open to this whole new world of blogging…. sometimes I feel like I have millions and millions more people to compare with… bah.

    • That does feel bah! It’s funny that we can’t see God’s hand on ourselves, but for me when I look at you, your sense of humor, your creativity, kindness… I see God all over you 🙂

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