Charity Miles


Charity Miles is a smartphone app that allows you to earn money for charity while you run, walk, or bike.

Bikers earn 10 cents a mile and walkers, runners earn 25 cents a mile.

Download the app, they track your miles, and you choose one of their sponsored charities.


Get Healthy and Make  a Difference!

This is a way to donate just by exercising.


This month Charity Miles is partnering with Global Team of 200 cause the UN Foundation’s #VDay10k campaign.

Miles are donated through this campaign to three organizations:

Shot@Life which brings life-saving vaccines where they are most needed.

Nothing but Nets working to fight malaria.

Girl Up a sponsor of the upcoming documentary film Girl Rising. Want to see it in Holland? Click here.


I know not everyone has a smartphone, if you do this is a great option for giving back.  (PS My cell phone fell in the sink. I’m not encouraging you to drop your old phone in the sink, toilet, or other watery space… just saying sometimes rice does not work, at which time you will need a new phone possibly.)

This is the kind of motivation I need to tie those running shoes back on!

charity miles

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