veneer of perfection

Last week I wrote a post called Scandalous. Messy. Love. 


On the administration panel of About Proximity, I can see what search terms people use to land on this site.

Sometimes, they are quite funny like… dirty school locker? I still haven’t figured that one out.

Sometimes, they help me feel like maybe we are encouraging people who need hope… alone, looking for meaning, broken.


Since I wrote that post last week, a new search term has been surfacing, daily.

Scandalous Love.

I am thinking when people type those words into their search bar, they are not expecting to come upon About Proximity.


This has caused me to pause…

The Bible is full of scandalous people. Jesus himself was scandalous, he was not what anyone was expecting. He was born to Joseph and Mary, engaged to be married, but not married.


Strip away the veneer of perfection.

We are all messy, broken people in need of a Savior.


As the church, we need to open our arms wide to those seeking scandalous love.

None of us are out of the reach of God’s loving arms.

4 thoughts on “Scandalous

  1. Search terms are a funny thing…I have multiple that connect to me, but I can’t figure out. The biggest mystery is logging. Not blogging, logging.

    I even have ranking on Klout for logging. Random. Random. Random.

    Love that you are coming up for Scandalous Love. That’s awesome, girl.

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