Outtake: Part of a movie that is filmed, but not used in the final version.


(This is 2 1/2 year old Josiah, not helping his Iowa cousins with a gingerbread house.) Sometimes, outtakes are my favorite parts of a film. They make me laugh.


(This cookie was decorated by my nephew Eli, he likes sprinkles.)

DVC01861Outtakes are not perfect. That is why they get taken out of the polished versions of movies and tacked on to the end as bonus features.


I love outtakes, they are real life. Sometimes, we try to plan everything so carefully, we leave no spaces for less than perfection.


Leave space for outtakes in your life. Less than perfect is OK. It’s beautiful and funny. I kind of think God is impartial to outtakes too.

(P.S. a lot of funny words rhyme with outtake: beefcake, cheesecake, green snake, clam bake, pump fake, and muck rake.)

7 thoughts on “Outtakes

  1. haha, awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for giving me permission to be ME! (less than perfect!!) I love Josiah’s squishy little 2 year old face in those pictures! So cute!

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