World AIDS Day

90% of child infections of HIV are passed on from mother to child – and 100% of those infections are preventable with care and treatment for the HIV-positive mother.

900 children are infected with HIV each day.


Sometimes it’s tempting to exercise judgement with HIV.

There is no room for judgement in suffering. 


Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation believes the number of new infections can be zero.

They’ve joined the global health community in setting a goal to do so by 2015.


How can you help from the context of your faith and the church?

  • Click here to contribute to the cause. 
  • Order a Faith Advocacy Toolkit 
  • Free Presentations, activities, church worship, and education resources from World Renew.
  • Resources from The Office of Social Justice with World Renew.  Including the theology of why Christians should care about HIV/AIDS.
  • Watch this encouraging video from World Renew by Nancy Nnjunji Kimani, Program Consultant of World Renew Malawi.

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