Involving Families: Gift Catalogs

Thanksgiving and Christmas move to the forefront during the months of November and December.

Be encouraged to make a difference this holiday season. Place a giving bank somewhere prominent in your home. Work as a family to collect change. Change can be used to purchase a gift through a gift catalog. A great family activity is looking through gift options on the computer or through an ordered catalog. Choose the gift as a family!

What a great message we are teaching our kids if alongside the toy catalogs are options for helping other kids around the world.

Here you can connect to the OxFam America unwrapped page.

Here is the Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalog.

This connects you to Compassion International’s Gift Catalog.

Here is the link to World Renew’s gift catalog.

Here you can connect to Heifer International’s Gift Catalog.


Here you can connect with the World Vision Catalog.

Stop back tomorrow for more ideas to teach your kids about global gift catalog giving! 

6 thoughts on “Involving Families: Gift Catalogs

  1. May I also recommend gifting through World Vision? They also have a gift catalog, with numerous amazing ways we can help those in need.

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