The Book: Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Behind the Beautiful Forevers, Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity  By: Katherine Boo

Katherine Boo is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, who wrote this book in narrative nonfiction. Everything about the story is true, yet the book reads like fiction. She gathered stories with the help of two translators, integral in the completion of the work, Unnati Tripathi and Mrinmayee Ranade.

Her work places a human face on inequality and poverty. She focused on the settlement of Annawadi in close proximity to the luxury hotels near the Mumbia, India airport. Almost no one in Annawadi has regular work, many use gleaned garbage to make money. Though injustice is highlighted in this book, the spirit of the people bring hope to each page. Take time to read through the study guide that goes along with the book.

You can watch a video trailer for the book here. 


Poverty and affluence coexist in close proximity in Annawadi.

Poverty and affluence coexist in many places.

Find courage not to turn away; look, think, and discuss.

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