Social Justice is not a Bad Word

This is why I think social justice is a beautiful combination of words- not a bad word.

(Please, don’t hate me forever for feeling this way)


I believe in practicing social justice because of the Jesus I know.

He came.

He emptied himself for us.

His hands healed, loved, and gave for those on the fringe of society.


(Definitions from the Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Social: living in companionship with others or in a community, rather than isolation.

Justice: just, impartial, fair.


My Definition:

Social Justice:  kneeling in love offering voice and opportunity to everyone in society.


I feel Jesus offered this kind of love to others, including myself.

I practice social justice in the name of Jesus. My heart is moved by my faith.


Social justice is a space where people of all faiths can find common ground to begin dialogue, friendship, work together to bring change, and express love to those who need renewal.


I have found myself in an in-between space, because people who love Jesus are not always down with the term social justice.

I would be absolutely no where without Jesus. I am the weakest of weak. Jesus is everything to me.

I need to follow my heart that is giving voice to those in need of renewal in the space of a greater community.


Since I started writing this blog interesting experiences have occurred. I have had the opportunity to make new friendships with people all over the world. I am finding it humbling that some of my biggest supporters have been friends that verbally express that they don’t practice a certain religion, that they themselves are not religious.  The posts on about proximity are issues, feelings, and resources they can relate to though. Conversation has opened up into sweet spaces of shared love, caring for others.


If we truly want people to know the Jesus we say we love in our hearts: they need to meet us in the trenches, where the voiceless are, and in society, where people are. 


Social Justice is a good combination of words.

(True dat?  Still not down with me? I don’t want you to worry. I’ll worry for all us through the hours of the night.)

5 thoughts on “Social Justice is not a Bad Word

  1. I really love this entry and agree with it wholeheartedly. Social justice is a very important concept of Jesus’ teaching.

  2. I think people are afraid of the term “social justice” because it has been abused by society. Christians are afraid we will be forced to accept wrong as right, sin as normal. In essence – afraid we will be forced to tolerate. But what you said above is so true. Social justice is about sharing the love and compassion of Jesus, Its not about standing up for SIN, but for PEOPLE. thanks for the reminder to be like HIM 🙂

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