I think I am often not very conscious about how my decisions affect the environment.  So, I want to share one EASY way for consciousness to fit into your everyday life. Easy is good. I can do easy!

Last week I wrote about the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, I learned about the initiative on the back of a fruit bar box.  I can eat a lot of Popsicles (and ice cream, and junior mints).  Simple things are sometimes a revelation to me. Many products that we use everyday embody a commitment to being good stewards of resources. Often, if this is the case, they are proud of the efforts and display that on their products.  I encourage you to take a closer look at the things you use most often. Company websites will also share what they are up to and how you might become involved.

Another example is Stonyfield Farms, a part of preserve products.

They provide resources to recycle #5 plastics often not received in local recycling centers.  Their recycling efforts go into products like yogurt cups to toothbrushes and take-out containers to razors.

I love their tag line: Nothing Wasted. Everything Gained.

What products do you use because of their commitment to care for the Earth’s resources?  I’d love to feature more examples periodically. 

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