Am I un-pin-able?

(This is what it looks like underneath my couch.)

I agonized a year before I tried Facebook.  I like to agonize over things.  I was afraid of being defriended,  which happened. Miraculously, I was still alive afterwards.

Right now I am agonizing over pinterest. Everybody is there. I like people. I like my friends. I want to be at the party. If I am honest, pinterest scares me more than Facebook.

I stare at the home page that has samplings of all the vibrant colors and perfect symmetry.

It feels ethereal and dreamy, a world where everything is glossy and breathtaking.

Oh, the clothes, the cute hair! The cupcakes! The perfect rooms in houses! The hanging little lights! The perfect bodies in yoga stretches! The beautiful places around the World! All the organic goodness!

  • Sometimes I wear the same clothes two days in a row but, not underwear.  I don’t want you to worry too much.
  • I can only French braid Barbie hair not my daughter’s real hair.
  • I once found underneath my couch, two dozen shriveled up carrots and vitamins deposited by my son, assumedly, they had been there for quite some time.
  • My nails always have smudges when I actually paint them.
  • Once I was helping a kid at camp with a Jacob’s ladder craft. I could not get it to work right. So, I laid the pile of wood and ribbon in his hands, and told him that when the glue dried it would work just right. (This was not a true statement.)
  • I have burnt frozen pizza. Cooking makes me so frustrated I just dump things together and hope for the best. Hoping cannot help the hopeless meals I make.
  • When I run, I actually want to be walking the whole time, it’s all I think about.
  • I recently wrote a guest post about preventative maintenance to a money saving website for Mom’s. I mentioned I used Drano in it. In the comments section a firestorm erupted at my use of something so toxic.  You would have thought I was possibly the most horrible mother that ever lived.  (I played the anonymous card that cyberspace allows.)

That is the truth of it, I feel very un-pin-able.

I am guessing we all feel that way sometimes.  It is not an excuse to stay hidden away. I want to join in, even if I will never be the poster girl for pinterest. I want to gather inspiration, connect, and uplift others in community.

Sometimes I worry about a world where we leave behind what is ugly, where we can un-tag ourselves from the past, where we can photo shop to perfection.

This day, I encourage you to remember there are things that make us all un-pin-able, but God doesn’t care about those things.

He takes the broken, un-beautiful facets of who we are and makes them into something new.

I am pretty thankful about that!


18 thoughts on “Am I un-pin-able?

  1. This is a good post, Lisa! You are right about Pinterest: it is a place where we can pretend we are awesome crafters, DIYers, cooks, etc. The pins are always perfect, giving the impression that the person that pinned them is a better person, mother, etc than us. It’s a kind of fantasy-land of who/what we want to be. So it has to be taken with a grain of salt. But at the same time, I find it inspiring: I have found ways to save money and reduce our use of chemicals by making products such as laundry detergent at home. It is interesting and fun. I would recommend trying it. You are definitely ‘pin-able’ 😀

  2. Way to see a truth in something so “today”! I am resisting pinterest, too. I just don’t have the time to do something that will be so much about “me”. FB at least has some other-directedness. 😉

  3. Oh hilarious! This had me giggling! (mostly because I can completely relate to the carrots under the couch, the clothes worn 2x in a row, and wanting to walk and not run!) Thank you for being transparent so that I can feel normal 🙂

  4. ha! thanks for being real and down to earth, Lisa! i am sitting on the computer and need to attack huge piles of laundry and dishes…..just another day of motherhood!

  5. Oh if we all only knew what’s under everyone else’s couches! This is really a good reminder, Lisa. I enjoyed reading it. I am scared when people want to follow me on pinterest because i don’t really have any creative ideas and i just like to look! Not sure why anyone would want to follow me! 🙂 I’m just following in Jesus’ footsteps as much as possible so . . . if that makes me pinteresting, great!

  6. Lisa! I didn’t know you were a writer and I am impressed!! Amy sent me a couple of your pieces and wow!! So down to earth, honest, humble and well written! I love the way the ‘punch’ (for lack of better term) sneaks up at the end and touches a place in the heart to inspire and affirm!! You have wonderful gift! Thank you that you are using it and sharing it with all of us! Now I will try to have to figure out how to get to your blog for continued inspiration!
    Blessings to you sweet daughter of the Most High!! 🙂

  7. OK, Lisa. I do NOT want this to worry you more;) I find it very true in my life. You see, I was afraid of Pinterest! I am NOT the crafty type. That is not to say I don’t like crafts. I love finding things I have and just “doing” them with my grandkids. However, I finally decided to click “Request an invitation”,
    Even though it told me they would email my invitation, it never happened. I tried this about a 1/2 doz. times.
    Finally, Tiffany, my daughter-in-law said she would send me an invitattion.
    I did get the invite then but when I tried the link through her, there actually came a small yellow window that read, “FORBIDDEN” all in caps.
    Talk about paranoid! I was FORBIDDEN from Pinterest! I did give up on it for a while, but then Tiffany tried it again.
    I must be a glutten for punishment. I did accept her invitation again, and it finally worked.
    I felt for a very brief moment like there was some sort of cyber petition to ban me from Pinterest.
    I now enjoy scanning through the ideas people come up with, with some of my particular interests…ie. pallet gardening etc.
    I find it kind of creepy, however, when all of a sudden you have “followers”. Not really sure why anyone wants to follow Pintersesters. I just totally ignore them and “Pin on” 🙂

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