Donating Eyeglasses

Do you have eyeglasses sitting around? I know that I do.  I always think that I might need to use them again, but I never do.  Consider donating your old prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

The Lions Club International specializes in eyeglass re-distribution.  Visit

Check to see if a local chapter has a drop box in your area.  Otherwise, you can mail your eyeglasses to a distribution center.  They also have a great picture sequence with text that takes you through the journey of a pair of glasses from drop box to distribution.

The World Health Organization estimates 284 million people have uncorrected vision impairments. 

A pair of corrective glasses can result in better education, better development, a better quality of life, and new employment opportunities.

Lencrafters and Pearl Vision collect  used eyeglasses.  They also partner with One Sight, an organization that provides free eyeglass exams globally and regionally they conduct vision van clinics.

2 thoughts on “Donating Eyeglasses

  1. If you live in Holland MI, Holland Eye Surgery and Laser Center accepts glasses to donate to the Lions Club! Thanks for this great reminder, Lisa!

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