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We live in a fast paced society and cell phones are everywhere.

(A side note:  Why does getting on the telephone make kids go crazy? The story goes that when my Grandma would hang up the phone, she would tell her three kids that people thought she had animals for children, they were so loud.  I remember the tan rotary dial phone that hung from our dining room wall. The spiral cord anchored a perimeter of a few feet and back then my Mom would have to lay down the telephone to get to us. The cell phone is freedom.  I regularly try to run away from my kids to the basement during important phone calls. They usually follow me, to which I reply, “They think I have animals for children!”  So, the telephone has evolved but the crazy kid telephone behavior has remained solid throughout the generations. )

If you have cell phones lying around or are ready to upgrade put them to good use.

  • The funds raised from refurbished phones support great causes.
  • Reusing your old cell phones also protects the environment.

To recycle a cell phone:

  • Mail your cell phone to the cause you choose
  • Many non-profits offer free printable shipping labels
  • Local cell phone stores take donations
  • Some areas have local drop off sites
  • You can download a free cell phone data eraser for further protection when donating
  • Many non-profits also accept cell phone accessories like chargers and batteries

Cell Phones for Soldiers provides free communication tools to soldiers and their families.

The National Network to End Domestic Violence in partnership with Verizon Wireless Hopeline Program uses funds from refurbished phones to help shelters, prevention, and protection programs for woman and children affected by domestic violence.

The American Cell Phone Drive allows you to see drop-off locations in your area that support local causes, just enter your zip code.

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