Microfinance provides small loans to woman around the World.

These loans enable woman to operate their own businesses.

  • The loans allow woman to raise their family’s standard of living.
  • This results in better overall nutrition, health, and housing.
  • Women are able to provide more schooling for their children.
  • Women are empowered.


The World Bank estimates 160 million people in developing countries are served by microfinance.

I encourage you to visit http://www.kiva.org/ .  Even if you are unable to contribute reading about the impact of microfinance is very encouraging.


The steps to offering a small loan are simple.

  • Make a loan
  • Get updates
  • Get paid back
  • Repeat process (if you choose to do so)

The best part of being involved with this giving opportunity is the connection you will receive to your borrower.  When you provide a loan, you are able to choose the borrower.  There are hundreds of profiles to go through featuring women, the country they are from, their story, and a photograph.


These women are our sisters in Christ, making their way with determination.  I think it is touching that we can have a hand in moving them forward. 


Global giving http://www.globalgiving.org/ is another place to visit to become involved in microfinance.

  • Find a project (organized by topic)
  • Fund your solution
  • Follow your impact

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