Lay Hurdles Flat












In sixth grade we could go to the track across the road during lunch time.  I remember one lunch break clearly, not many people were around, so I jumped over a hurdle that sat on the track.  Later that spring I signed up for the 50m hurdles in the annual field day competition.  I got a ribbon! (There may have only been three participants.) I knew deep in my heart I was destined to run the hurdles in track and field.

[In junior high I had a perm.  I had brown glasses that were large.  I had braces.  I was so shy I think I might have growled at people that got too close.]

I did run those hurdles, the 100m and the 300m, all the way through my senior year in high school. Was I good at those hurdles? Not especially.  I had unfortunate form, my leading leg that should have been straight, liked to bend. Instead of seamlessly alternating my jumping, I shuffled so I could jump off my right leg every time.

I kept right on jumping though, because I liked them for some reason.

Our track still had cinder when I was in high school.  We did not have many home meets because of this.  At one home meet my entire extended family sat in the bleachers and many, many classmates.  I stood next to my rival from the north.  I was winning! Two hurdles from the finish line, I bit the dust in a major way, cinder and blood from ankles to knees.  I got up and finished the race.  Everyone I loved witnessed my last place finish. I love those moments.

I have done some spectacular fails in my life thus far.

I have done some spectacular never-even-made-it-off the starting blocks too.

I respect my fails more than the times I never even tried.

Keep going you can do it!


Cinder, blood, awkward embarrassment, and all.

1 thought on “Lay Hurdles Flat

  1. After our conversation about the race earlier this week, and my run this afternoon, your encouragement is especially fitting:)

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