Book Review: Jonathon Kozol

Book Reviews:  Literature that draws readers into the proximity of renewal.

Jonathon Kozol’s stories remain in readers thoughts long after they are read.  His words are sometimes uncomfortable to take in and nudge readers from complacency.  His writing is also deeply moving because the stories are authentic.  Kozol has traveled the city streets, sat in homes, classrooms, and immersed himself in the people whose stories he tells.

Each one of Jonathon Kozol’s books draw readers into the proximity of renewal.  These books are life-changing to read.

Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools focuses on the disparity of resources in public schools in East St. Louis, New York City, Camden, Cincinnati, and Washington D.C.

Rachel and her Children  touches on families that encounter homelessness.

Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation looks closely at the Mott Haven district of the South Bronx in New York City.


Other titles by Jonathon Kozol:

Ordinary Resurrections: Children in the Years of Hope

Death at an Early Age

The Shame of a Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America, Letters to a Young Teacher

Free Schools

The Night is Dark and I am Far from Home

Prisoners of Silence: Breaking the Bonds of Adult Illiteracy in America

Visit a website dedicated to his work .


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